After school program

Xilin’s after school program runs Monday through Friday from 2:45-6:00pm for students in kindergarten through 5th grade. Classes include arts & crafts, dance, theater, singing, ping pong, kung fu, Chinese school and other group activities.

Complimentary pick up is available for students in District 208 and snacks are also provided. Email or call 630.853.8899 for more information.

Chinese school

Xilin offers language programs that are designed to create a bilingual environment for children and adults. We provide a well-rounded academic program of Chinese, English, math and cultural classes. These classes follow well defined curricula with measurable objectives and are offered independently and in partnership with other institutions in the US and abroad.

Our classes provide students with cross cultural learning opportunities, which enable them to take advantage of both languages and cultures. Click here for more information or to register.


Xilin’s 2017 summer program is currently underway! For more information, email or call 630.853.8899.


Xilin offers ACT and AP test preparation for students getting ready for college. We provide testing strategies to boost your ACT score in science, math, English, reading and writing, and techniques to boost your AP physics score to strengthen your college application, earn college credit and get a head start on college prerequisites. Our classroom closely simulates exam conditions, so we analyze results and provide ways to improve your test scores.

There are 6 sessions available at our Arlington Height location for ACT and AP test prep. Check out our schedule to find out the times and dates available for each class. Email or call 847.607.6177 for more information. To register online, click here.


Xilin believes choosing the right school is important to a student’s future. That is why Xilin College Prep School provides tailored, comprehensive plans to each student throughout the course of their study abroad. The key to our successful program is that we communicate to students and parents in advance as well as throughout the study abroad program the plan we have in mind for each student based on their individual situation.

[Xilin’s international program is divided into the following sections:

Interview Process: Students and parents have the ability to learn more about Xilin’s study abroad program, understand a feasible study plan for a student and find the most suitable school for a student. We will assist students and parents with any paperwork for the application and provide guidance on the next steps.

Learning Habits: We will recommend studying tips and procedures based on individual learning styles and keep in touch with students throughout their study abroad period to make sure they are on track for success. We will also help students find host families.

College Preparation: We will assist students in registering for college prep courses for ACT/SAT/AP exams, provide counseling on college choices and contact colleges to schedule school visits.]

Studying abroad can help students gain confidence and experience that will help them smoothly transition into their top choice for college. The international study abroad program through Xilin provides opportunities and experiences to make students more well-rounded, cultured and educated people.

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