Mobile Team

Since 2021, Xilin formed a mobile team which integrates our programs together and partner with senior buildings across the State of Illinois.
The mobile team provides:

General Social Services: Variety of services include Medicaid and Medicare assistance, housing application, SNAP, information and referrals, LIHEAP information and assistance, free bus pass application, assisting residents application with Adult Day-Care service, In-home Care, Home-delivered meals, PACE, etc. Services will be available in languages in English, Spanish, Chinese and Korean.
We also offer job opportunities: Senior’s job training program, Homemaker job, driver’s job, etc, etc.

Health workshops: Topics cover comprehensive health topics, such as:
• Evidence-based chronic disease self-management workshop developed by Stanford University (Diabetes, Cardiovascular, Arthritis, chronic lung disease, high blood pressure, etc.)
• Customized exercises for individuals
• The prevention of falling
• Memory Café (social gatherings where people with dementias and memory loss can enjoy and spend time with their care givers.)
• Hepatitis-B prevention and screenings referral
• Mental health program, and individual counseling in building a happier Lifestyle (PEARLS)
• Vaccine knowledge

Socialization Activities: we provide entertainment activities for the residents such as singing, dancing, arts craft, game activities…, etc. Xilin is famously known for its unique and diverse cultural programs, we implement the diversity of the activities, such as Tai Chi, Chinese calligraphy, Ping-Pong, Mahjong, Chinese paper cutting, making lanterns… which evidently improves overall health and well-being.


Xilin’s community health program provides free comprehensive educational workshops to everyone, including the underserved population. Established in 2004 with support from the DuPage County Health Department, the first major community health initiative Xilin undertook was the Women’s Breast Health Care Program. This ongoing project provides public health education and free medical preventive screenings to uninsured women and seniors. Xilin’s public health program has conducted breast care education sessions for more than 7,000 women and provided mammogram screenings to over 3,500 women, saving many lives.

In 2021, out of 500 community-based organizations in the US, Xilin was selected as All of Us Research Ambassador. It’s a research program funded by the National Institute of Health. It is inviting one million people across the US to help build one of the most diverse health databases in history. Since the Pandemic, Xilin became a member of the Asian Health Equity Alliance Initiative and has formalized a COVID-19 Asian community partnership to expand screening, immunization, and mental health services.

We also offer Hepatitis B prevention and partner with medical organizations regarding free screening. In 2022, Xilin joined the collaborative community-based trial platform funded by the CDC to assess and compare the clinical efficacy of two of the most common influenza vaccines in US adults aged 18-64 years old.

Xilin is leading this program: Asian Health Coalition-Engagement Partner of the All of Us Research Program

For further assistance, please contact Director of Community Engagement Sophia Luo at 630-355-4322, Assistant Manager Carla Zhang at 630-935-8034.

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