Job Description:
Follow instructions and perform activities assigned by his/her supervisor.

    1. Follow the client’s Plan of Care;
    2. Carry out duties assigned by the supervisor;
    3. Observe the client’s functioning and reporting to the homecare supervisor;
    4. Provide necessary receipts and documentation in the conduct of essential shopping/errands;
    5. Maintain records of daily activities, observations, and direct hours of service;
    6. Attend pre-service training, in-service training sessions and staff conference;
    7. Perform specific service components of in-home service authorized under Section 249.210(a), including, but not limited to, personal care tasks for clients that are not medical in nature (shaving, hair shampooing and combing, bathing and sponge bath or tub bath, toileting, dress, nail care respiratory services, brushing and cleaning teeth or dentures and preparation of appropriate supplies, positioning/transferring client, and assisting client with exercise/range of motion);
    8. Ability to assist in the use of specific adaptive equipment, if the aide will be working with clients who use the device;
    9. Basic hygiene and basic infection control practice;
    10. Maintenance of a clean, safe and healthy environment;
    11. Basic personal and environmental safety precautions;
    12. Use of seclusion and restraint;
    13. Recognizing emergencies and knowledge of emergency procedures;
    14. Knowledge and understanding of abuse and neglect prevention and reporting requirement.

Job Type: Part-time
Salary: From $18.00 per hour

    • 401(k)
    • 401(k) matching
    • Flexible schedule
    • Health insurance
    • Paid time off

Schedule: Day shift/On call
Work Location: One location
How to Apply:
Please call or email the manager of the location you intend to work.
Arlington Heights – Yun Qu: 630-828-3166 | yunqu@xilin.org
Aurora – Jenny Xia: 630-943-3987 | jennyying@xilin.org
Chinatown – Danting Huang: 630-863-5866 | dantinghuang@xilin.org
Elgin – Gabriela Baker: 630-828-3371 | gabrielamachicado@xilin.org
Naperville – Beiling Wang: 630-965-5431| beilingwang@xilin.org
Thank you for your interest in a caregiver position at Xilin.

518 West 28th Place
Chicago, IL 60616

605 N Broadway, Suite 2
Aurora, IL 60505

145 E Algonquin Rd
Arlington Heights, IL. 60005